How can I get my money back?

Rose, my name is Krista. first of all thank you for all your insight and help!! I am new to wicca and witchcraft and love it!!! My question is I am owed a lot of money by my ex-husband and a few others. By not being assertive with my finances and helping others until I am in dire straits myself I now am in a bind. I would prefer using witchcraft to correct this, but I am not sure how exactly or if it goes against the wiccan rede. I want to further my education with witchcraft and wicca. This is certainly NOT possible with my present situation. Every time I get two steps ahead something happens and I am knocked five steps back, it never fails. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. (for what it is worth Thank you so much) Brightest Blessings Krista

Merry Meet Krista! I am glad you are trying everything you can to go forward in life full of hope. Yes, sometimes people can take advantage of others and try to keep money that does not belong to them. As we believe, if we do anything that hurts another, we will certainly hear about it soon. And not in a fun way. However, you probably need your money soon. In the Wiccan Rede, it doesn’t say anything bad about trying to get our money back. Afterall, it was our hard earned money and by being helpful and generous, you ended up giving over the money. If this money belongs to you, you can always try to get it back with a spell. Here is a spell that will help you: You will need a green candle, a dull knife, and some incense. After a long, warm bath, with renewed energy and hope, sit by the altar and meditate. Visualize the money already in your hands (after the person who owed it gave it to you) and feel the weight of the money in your hand. Light the incense and carve the green candle with your plans for the future. Holding the candle in your hand, Chant: I charge you by Jupiter, I charge you by the Earth, I charge you Sun, Moon, and Stars: Bring back my money to me, Bring back prosperity to me. And so it shall be! Light the candle and stare at the flame while basking in the glow of the candle.Imagine the vapors removing away any ill-will between you and energizing you with its calming powers. Let the candle burn for about 3 minutes daily until you get your money back. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Marina says:

    How can I clen my aura and others too.

  2. micky says:

    is this all magics true or false…..
    and it will make me far from my lord god jesus

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