How can I get my money back?

Dear Rose, How can I let those people who owed me some amount of money be bothered and remember to pay me back what they owed? Thank you, Jocelyn

Merry Meet Jocelyn,
It was so nice of you to lend money to people in need. However, these people seem to have forgotten that they took your money and spent it. So what is the best way to get the money back? Let us think for a minute.
One way is to talk to this friend and tell her that you need the money for an emergency. Hopefull you don;t have to explain much but all of us do have small emergencies in life. And there is nothing wrong in asking for OUR OWN money!
You may also speak to your pastor some someone from the community who may be willing to help you. If that does not work, write a letter to this friend (or email her/him) and explain your predicament. You may also work through any mutual friends you may have to expedite the process.
You may also contact the police if the amount is large enough,
If all of your efforts have not proven fruitful, you may workd on this spell:
Seven Knob Candle spell
Step 1: Get a piece of paper and write down the amount of money you need.
Step 2: Put it under a green seven-knob candle dressed with essential oil of Basil.
Step 3: Burn one knob each night
On the seventh night, you will hear of some money coming to you,
Brightest Blessings

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