How can I get my money back?

Please I need your help urgently. There is a person which owes me a lot of money. He has promised to pay me but this has been going on for months. I now stand to loose everything because of this and his promises are getting out of hand. I need to get on with my life but I cant as I need this money now. He promised me the money by today, now he will get back to me tonight. I have had enough. I don’t want to get upset but he realy pushing my buttons. Please Help Louis

Merry Meet Louis, It is unfortunate that this person is abusing your generosity. In a world where we are generous, the Universe will be generous to us. So feel confident that prosperity will come back to you from many sources. Welcome all of them with an open heart. Here is a spell you can do to get your money back. Believe that you will get the money back and visualize the joy you will feel when you have the money in your hands. Get two human figure candles. Get a white, red or purple candle to represent you and a green candle to represent the person who owes you money. Carve both candle with your intentions for each of you. For you, you can write Joy, Grateful, happy, etc and for the other person, you can write/carve relief, debt paid, etc. Prepare command and compel oil by mixing sweet flag (calamus) oil and livorice with bergamot in a blend of castor oil and jojoba oil. Dress the candles with this oil while chanting “Bring back the money to me”. Write your goal on a piece of brown paper. Place this paper under the green candle. Put a pin through the giving hand of the other person’s image. Put a pin through the receiving hand of the candle that represents you. Light both the candles. Call the other person’s name aloud three times. Announce firmly what you need from them. Allow the candles to burn for a while and then pinch them out. Repeat this on eight consecutive nights. If, on the ninth day, you don’t see any results, remove some wax from the green candle. Roll it into a ball and insert a Jezebel root inot the center of the wax. Light the candles and burn your note. Allow both candles to burn down Add the paper ashes to the wax and shape it into a ball. Bury it in your target’s property. Brightest blessings!

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3 Responses to “How can I get my money back?”

  1. Jaggia says:

    Thanks. But how can one get the items like calamus oil, jojoba oil, begemot and other things required for the spell?

  2. susan says:

    l forgot the golden spider drawn on red paper spell and gold coin on saucer each tim e good luck etc comes also what do l do with the money when it gets too much on plate .. l tried notes but it didnot work and have lost the spell thanks susan in Australia

  3. chris says:

    Hi I read what you suggested to do in way of a spell to get money beck from someone that owes it and well i may be able to get the candles but where i am from i cant get all the other ingredience for it like sweet flag (calamus) oil and livorice with bergamot and
    jojoba oil and Jezebel root. As you can gess someone owes me money and i live in a country town in Australia. If i went to the big city Melbourne and went to wich shop would they have the ingredience. enyway thanks from chris

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