How can I get my parents to consider my dreams?

Hi Ms. Adrianne. This si the first time i have seen anything about yuo so i am new to this. i have a problem. I have been working very hard for three years to get my parents to get me a laptop. (note: i am 14 years old) everytime, i do something they ask, they change their mind and say no. When i ask them why, they just tell me not to question them. do you have a spell or potion to make them more agreeable? Please help. PS. its not just this. its also with chores around the house, both of my parents moods and actions towards me and my sister, etc.. Thank you in advance. -Cory

Merry Meet Cory, You seem to be a very nice young man. I am sure you know that in most families, the parents have the final say in everything that concerns the children. However, you are 14 years old and can learn how to think like a adult. As adults, we have to discuss our problems rationally and deal with others patiently. Ask your parents how you can get a laptop. Give them some choices so that they can decide which ones to allow you to do. For chores around the house, are they willing to give you some money? If they expect you to do the chores without any money involved, then do it. They are your parents and they make the rules. One of the ways in which you can learn the value of money is to do odd jobs around the house. Remember, I mentioned that as adults we have to learn to cooperate and speak like adults. So we cannot throw tantrums and them blame our parents when they get angry. So the best solution is to give them some choices. Ask them if you can do odd jobs in the neightborhood and make some pocket money. If that is a no-no, maybe you can babysit children or help out at a store part time to make some money. There are many places where they need short-term help and you can help out with lawn-mowing for your neighbors or walking the dogs for some of your friends. Or you can sell lemonade in your neighborhood as children do in many countries. If you are good at a certain subject like math, you can even tutor some children in your neighborhood. There are many ways to make money or help out your parents so that they may be willing to help you get a laptop. Also ask your friends if they have an old laptop that they can sell to you cheap. One spell that you can do is to take a piece of paper and draw that laptop which you need and keep the folded paper under your pillow. Every morning when you wake up, look at the paper drawing of your laptop and do the same when you go to sleep. The more you keep the laptop in your mind and find ways to afford it, the faster it will materialize in your life! Brightest Blessings!

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