How can I get my psychic power back?

I allways felt like missing some thing powerfull out of my life since I was akid how could I get my powers back because a witch stole them from me when I was 5 years old .

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is not easy for anyone to take away the power that another human being is born with. However, if we believe that someone else took away our powers, it is a good idea to work on a ritual/spell that will re-establish the fact that you are a complete human being with all of the wonderful powers you came to this Earth with.
Moon and Earth Power Balance Spell
This spell will allow you to charge your psychic batteries with the help of the Moon and the Earth’s energy.
Step 1: On a full moon day, go outside wearing as few clothes as you can.
Step 2: Stand under the Moonbeams. Visualize the power and energy of the Moon entering your body from above.
Step 3: Feel the ground under your feet and visualize the enormous power of the Earth entering your body through the soles of your feet. Focus on the unlimited power that the combination gives you.
Step 4: Hold your arms out to the side. Allow the breeze to caress you and visualize the magickal air carrying magick power which enters you from the sides.
Step 5: Close your eyes and visualize the amazing energy that courses through your body that is the combined effort of the Earth, Air, Sun, Moon and other celestial objects.
Step 6: When you feel that all of your energy has been restored, go to bed and sleep peacefully.
Brightest Blessings

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