How can I get pregnant

Hi my name is Suzanne my boyfriend and I have been trying to have a kid since St. Patrick’s day and we saw your spell for fertility and wanted to ask a few questions about the spell. The first question we have to ask is what color candle should we use? Becauuse I know red and green are the. Color candles you should use but can you use both or should you use one and which one? Thank you I would appriciate it if you could help us. Have a wounderful day.

Merry Meet Seeker,
I am glad to hear that you are planning to do the the fertility spell. The green candle will be good since it is the color of Nature as well. You can use one candle so that you may focus on it and not get very distracted with two candles at once.
Along with hoping for a baby and working on spells to have children in your life, there are a few other hints I can give you so that you will soon have a wonderful family. The first hint is to always believe that your children are already on their way to your home. Visualize them in vivid details and make sure that you actually believe this happening already.
Inviting your baby in your life is also a wonderful way to create a big family. Promise the baby (and yourself) that you will eat well, exercise well and always have good thougthts about everyone and everything. In this way, your baby will be exactly the person you wished for. Try to be around babies, hold them, love them, play with them and accept them as your own. When our hearts pour out love without restrictions, miracles happen.
As I have mentioned, your babies are on their way and the only thing you need to do is to create a healthy, happy environment in your home.
Brightest Blessings

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