How can I get rid of a curse?

First let me start by saying im not very superstitious. I never Really Believed in Witchcraft ghosts or any of those things until i began to notice that we had a more then a bad luck streak. My mother is very hard working we do our best but for some reason we just cant seem to get a break some how some way when we start doing good economically and being happy in general it is shattered. I would have never gone to this extreme of looking up help, but about a week ago my older sister of 24 years of Age, she is very serious and does not express herself unless i in rare occasions, came crying to me one morning saying that while she was sleeping she was being forced down by someone she said it felt like a man but there was no one there and the only thing she could think of was to start to pray and as she began the unknown force seemed to release her. My Question to you or this website is if there are ways or sign to look out for to find out if someone is using witchcraft on us or our family , and if there are signs how can we defend ourselves or how can we prevent the witchcraft. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!

Merry Meet, Curses come in many shapes and sizes. If a person fell down and broke his leg, it could be just a bad day or it could be the result of someone who has cursed them. It is futile to spend any time finding out if anyone cursed you. What you need is to find a way to prevent this from happening ever again. It is scary indeed when someone in the family is so scared and disturbed at night.There are many ways in which you can help. One is by teaching your sister to protect herself. You may also perform this spell for your entire family. First everyone in the family may gather together in a special area. Light some candles and sit around the candles. Let someone read a spiritual poem or a chapter from a favorite book that talks about how each of us come to this world and are given the tools to withstand life’s challenges. Light some incense and allow everyone to meditate for some time. Visualize any evil lurking around the house and allow it to dissipate and move away from your house and surroundings. All together chant: Let all evil turn away. Protect us night, Protect us day, And keep misfortune at bay. All acts of negativity will now return threefold to thee. All actions, thoughts and words of hate become your own decided fate. this is my will, so mote it be! Think of a shell of protection around your family. Imagine the shell reflecting all the negative energy back to their source. Repeat this once a week for three weeks. By the end of three weeks, your house will be free of all negativity. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Martita says:

    Hello Rose could you sugest the spirtual poem
    or the book to read?

  2. kathy says:

    Thank you I used to always try to picture my family surrounded by white light, and I dont know were i picked this up but sometimes would chant three times three times three i wish on you what you wish on me, i figure you dont know for sure if anyone is wishing bad things on you so you wont have it come back but if they are they will.and if they are wishing good all the better for both. But last year has been awful and ive felt weak and lost and didnt do anything to make things better. i kinda stop believing very bad year, thank you for giving me back that hope blessed be.

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