How can I get rid of a hex that was put on me?

I think i have a spell on me. someone told me they was going to put one on me, i have seen alot of weird things happen like voodoo dolls made out of toliet paper and other stuff come out the toliet bowl and go back in. i seen a circle on the wall with a mark in it and the other the other side a dollar sign appear on the wall their is no explination for it.i seen stuff appearing in my hand small things like pieces of things that wasnt on there. my feet and my hands moved by thierselves.

Merry Meet Seeker, I am sure it is very scary to think that someone has put a hex on you. If you think that someone is trying to control you, do this spell that will remove any or all hexes that others may have worked against you. People work malevolent magic because of unresolved anger, envy or jealousy. Even if we remove the hex that is put on you, you will need to work with your family, relatives and friends to see that you have not hurt anyone unknowingly. If you have put a hex on someone, you are certainly experiencing the effects of the three-fold law. If you are an innocent person and do not know why this person has put a hex on you, try to talk to all of your friends and family and see if you can gauge any animosity from anyone in your life. Then make amends and see that you hurt no one again. This is an old Mesopotamian Incantation spell that will remove all traces of negativity and danger away from you. Chant this ancient incantation whenever you can: Evil person Evil eye Evil mouth Evil tongue Evil spell Spit, saliva, evil deeds, evil thoughts GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW! In addition to this chant, you may also make a hex breaker conjure bag. For this, you will need to find stinging nettles. Grind and powder them. To this powder, add some graveyard dirt. Burn this magick powder when you need protection. Carry some of this powder in a small pouch with you for protection when you travel. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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