How can I get rid of an old spell that was cast on me?

How do I remove a spell that was put on me several years ago. Thanks Carol

Hi Carol–

Thankfully this is an easy one. You simply need to cast a purification spell on yourself or have soemone else do it for you.

Personally, my favorite place for these spells is in my bathtub, surrounded by scented candles and lavendar scented water. If you place the herbs for purification directly in the bathwater, you can literally wash that old spell right off you. Personally, I am fond of lavendar and sandalwood for purification. I like the soft natural scent left behind and I feel cleaner afterwards.

Sandalwood and lavendar are also good protective scents as well, so you can follow up your purification with an immediate protection spell. That way, once you remove the old spell, you can protect yourself from anything new being added on.

And,as I said before, something about doing this while in the bath makes me feel immediately as though it has been lifted off my soul. Scientists will tell you it has something to do witht he molecular energy and static created by the falling water, but the spiritual known that water has a life energy all its own and sometimes water alone is all you need to purify something. This is why purifying crystals in running water has always worked so well. Naturally flowing water has an inherent power to cleanse. So, if you have a favorite stream, you might want to consider that as your circle site.  Otherwise, I’d go with the bathtub.

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