How can I get rid of my daughter’s boyfriend?

I need help for my daughter. Her boyfriend and the father of her son, is a loser leech. He never finished high scool and can not find a job other than delivery driver. This in itself is not the problem . He will not try to better himself. The delivery business is seasonal and he has not worked since thanksgiving 2011. she works her tail off to support her and the little boy and him. He sets around all day playing video games ofr guitars with his uncle. She is blind to everything he does. He verbally abuses her and the child. he has cheated on her twice and given her STD’s. Something needs to be done to make him go. I believe the only two ways for this to happen, first is for him to be caught cheating again, second for him to leave this world. I can not kick him out, they live with us, because she is stupid enough to go with him at this time and that child would suffer. I know she is a good mother and person but without his influence she would be better. How can I help her to start living a good life? she will never have anything as long as he is with her.

Merry Meet Seeker,
I can understand how painful it is to see your daughter suffer because of the person she chose to be with. In Witchcraft, one of the biggest rules is that we should not ever interfere in the lives of others. In this case, although you deeply care for your daughter and grandson, you are not the person responsible for the child. It is your daughter who needs to wake up and make any changes if she wants to help her son to have a good life.
The Three-fold rule of Wicca forbids us to never interfere in another’s life. You have raised your child in the best way you could and now it is her turn to try her luck in the Universe. It is she who has to get disgusted with her boyfriend’s behavior and it is she who needs to make the decision to kick him out. If you interfere, you will certainly hear from the Universe in a negative way that may hurt you even more.
You can talk to your daughter (but not nag her) about the importance of independence and responsibility of raising the child to be the best he can be. You may even help her with her work or when she needs help to care for the child. Allow her to know that you are always willing to help her will lessen some of her burden. However, do not keep harping on the negative traits and behavior of her boyfriend. If you continue to do this, she may move away from you but she may hold on to the guy.
Let her wise up and see what he is doing to her life. She will get smart one of these days and realize that he is dragging her down with him. You seem to have raised your daughter well. Allow her to make the decision of when to get rid of her boyfriend. Allow her to plan her life.
Brightest Blessings

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