How can I get rid of my drug addiction?

Is there a spell to help get rid of a drug addiction, if so please help me

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is indeed very unfortunate when people are addicted to drugs. Regardless, there are many ways of removing or banishing the emotions and behaviours that lead to addictions. However, the day you think you want to get out of it, you can begin your journey to a wonderful life that you wish for. Here is a spell that will help you get rid of your drug addiction:
Archangel Raphael Drug Addiction Healing Spell
The Archangel Raphael is in charge of healing. As a patron of doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc., this angel is always ready to help anyone who is suffering. Raphael’s emblem is the fish.
For this spell, you will need a red candle, some frankincense incense and an image of Archangel Raphael. You can easily get one by using Google->images-Archangel Raphael pictures. Also keep some paper and a pen handy.
Step 1: To get rid of nay negative energy, enjoy a long and refreshing bath.
Step 2: Sit down by the altar or any private, quiet place for some time.
Step 3: Now light the candle and looking at the flame, think of how you came to be in this situation.
Step 4: Light the frankincense incense. Allow it to permeate your senses.
Step 5: Focus on the image of Archangel Raphael.
Step 6: Think of all that you can achieve when you are drug-free.
Step 7: Write them down on a piece of paper.
Step 8: Call Raphael for assistance with this invocation:
“Archangel Raphael filled with mercy
Please hear my call for help
Vanquisher of Demons
Protector of Travelers
Endowed with healer’s grace
Help all you implore your assistance
Please help me be drug free! “
Brightest Blessings

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