How can I get rid of my husband’s ex?

I need a spell to get my husbands ex girlfriend out of our life. we are married and he started seeing him about 1mo ago. she tells him what to do and not to do. she told me she wants him back even if she has to break up our marriage to get him, he is torn and confused and still loves me but she wont leave him alone and stop telling him what to do. I need your help asap. I love him with my whole heart.

Merry Meet Seeker, I can imagine how distressing it is to see your husband’s old girlfriend interfere in your life. I can see that you love him with your whole heart. This problem is very common. One of the ways by which women get rid of unwanted company is to move away from the city. If this person refuses to get out of your life, you may need to take tougher measures. The first thing you need to do is to stop worrying about it. Your husband married you. He knows he is married to you. Try to make his life loving and beautiful so that he will choose you anyway. Meanwhile, you need to learn to be strong. Get a job if you don’t have one. Go creative and learn more crafts or enroll in a University to get a degree. Do something to show yourself and your husband that you are worth it. Here is a spell that will keep your husband where he is now – with you: Spiced Love Potion For this spell, you will need the following: Red wine Rosemary Ground Cumin Anise Cloves Honey Orange Zest Candied Geranium leaves (substitute ginger) Heat the red wine and add all of the above ingredients to it. Stir gently while murmuring your wishes into the potion. See your husband as loving and faithful forever. See yourself as strong and positive and a support for your husband and a loving mom for your children. When the wine comes to a boil, allow it to simmer while you visualize how you want your future to be. When the wine starts steaming, turn off the heat and allow the potion to cool. Strain the liquid and pour the wine into glasses.S hare it with the one you love knowing that your peaceful and gentle love is stronger than any other. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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