How can I get some peace?

hi rose. i guess im going through an identity crisis rite now. im miserable, confused, upset and any other sad emotions you can think of. on top of that, i cant tell anyone that i am wiccan. i want to, i realy do. but that ended in disater. once i told a friend i had known for years, started avoiding me like i had the plague,then told other people, now im “the witch” everyone hates and mocks. and my parents, now they look over my shoulder making sure im notpracticng my craft. i cant even look at proper supplies without “whats that”. this is the hardest time of my life i have ever been through. is there a spell that can bring,balance or happiness or something back into my life.or to find a love that wont judge me and i can share this with, who will hold me and tell me its ok. im sure you get alot of e-mails and are very busy, so i understand if you dint have time for me.

Merry Meet Seeker, It is extremely unfortunate that you are not able to practice witchcraft without all these problems. Most wars in the world has been fought for religious domination. So there is a lot of interest vested around the world to keep most of the peaceful religions under the radar. It is best to practice witchcraft in your mind. After all, it is between you and the Universe. Others who have like minds will find their way to this beautiful way of life. As long as you live with your parents, you are bound to live according to their rules. No one, however, can control your mind. So you can read about Wicca, study it and practice it without bothering anyone. The best about Wicca is that you can practice it without a single external item. Tools are not required either. Continue to practice Wicca without mentioning anything to others. If they get interested in Wicca, you will instinctively know because they become less arrogant and more loving. Here is a spell that will give you some peace of mind: Hand of Power Spell Get a small sheet of parchment. Cut it into the shape of a human hand. Draw an eye in the center with black ink and use a bit of yellow sulphur or yellow paint to create the center of the eye. Decorate the paper with sacred verses, runes and symbols. Fold the parchment and carry it in your pocket or handbag. If you are worried that your friends will see it, make a small cut in the inner lining of the purse and slip this parchment through the slit so that it is safe between the bag and the lining. Sew up the slit with needle and thread. This spell will keep you calm and happy. It will also save you from the arrogance and ignorance of the people around you. Brightest Blessings. Rose..

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  1. ahmed says:

    we dont any ice cream cause your spells are like ice creams but do whatever u want
    in u we trust

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