How can I get someone to notice me?

Hi, Im a shy person until I get to know people, and theres this girl who I rarely talk to, but I would do literally anything possible for her. The only problem is that I cant bring myself to start a conversation with her. Are there any spells or anything, not necessarily “love spells” or anything like that, just something to make people notice me, or get drawn to me more? Its really important for me to get to know her, but I dont think I can bring myself to start anything…

Merry meet Seeker, Sometimes it is difficult to approach someone whom you are attracted to because of the fear of doing or saying something wrong. However, there must be some eye contact to ensure that this person can see you. There are many love spells you can do but here is one that will subconsciously allow her to listen to your heart. Get a piece of paper and pen and write down all that you want to say to her. Well, I know you want to say a lot, but try to condense it into one page (front and back). You want to speak to their subconcious and so make it succinct and simple. After you have completed the message, place it in a fire-proof bowl. Cover with a layer of dry breadcrumbs. Now get three items that remind you of this person. If you have nothing, draw her face or something about her that is unique, etc. Place these items around the bowl, a little distance away. Now close your eyes and visualize an easy conversation with her; it is probably something you have imagined many times, I am sure :) Tell them in your own words what you have written in the letter. When you have completed the conversation, carefully burn the letter in the fireproof bowl. Sometime in the next 24 hours, she will get your message and understand that you are interested in her. Brightest Blessings. Rose. .

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