How can I have a happy life?

Im not sure what to write here, but hello Rose. I must be an unfortunate person who carries the sin of generations before me….because at 25years old after coming through a life of hell , homeless, violent step father, no father, a mom to humble for her own good, no one has ever stood beside me. i was always getting thrown out of my ‘step father’s house, when he was drunk,eventually i left at 17. I started working ,renting, building my self & things started looking up. even falling in love. ever since i can remember i have ALWAYS BEEN ENVIED, even by people who dont know me. i dont know why. Things would get to the point of being ok, then great and then crash to the floor, once family came into it or even just so. My previous relationship now long distance is in danger, my bf of the last 4 years is distant and not speaking to me really:(, he seems confused from being sure we will find a way to be together. my dreams in my short sleep are of candles and blood. at 7months pregnant iwas taken to my mom’s as my bf traveled, & traggedy struck as our family had to be placed in state protection when my step father became a murder witness. the house we were sent to when the baby was born seemed haunted…after my baby died…now for sure as something unseen would go towards my mom whenever she held baby clothes and whisper to her , breathe upon her. Priest were called.Alot of things. Though apart in distance my bf and i stayed in love and contact. We had a healthy baby girl sent home with her and somehow at 2 weeks old she turned blue diagnosed with heart failure. Our daughter died at 33 days old on 14 feb last year, when every thing somehow failed to get her to board 3 planes for surgery. my bf left after she died unable to cope with thingshe had allowed. He has a son from a previous marriage but afraid with manipulation to complete a divorce even though its been alot of years seperated. i know his ex wife /wife does tarots and magic, i have had several dreams of her and 3 other women with hair, a wooden box and candles , numerous of times. She doesnt like me because his family was liking me &my love makes her look like a player of manipulation al her tricks apparant. Each night i can not sleep before 3, or if i fall asleep to find myself aware i will wake before 3. my thoughts are of death, suicide and wishing to die. sometimes so negetive , n i feel such a resent for my bf after which love conquers the feeling. I selflessly sacrificed for my relationship all i had i DONT want to lose it but i feel negetive forces at work , blocking our every path…im afraid that im not as strong anymore to combat things as from 6 years old i was discovered to have a sense of spirits and could forsee things. i saw wat was to come of my daughter when i was pregnant but dismissed it as paranoia. i need help fast . my financial situation is teribble. I started working this year again trying to pull my strenght to do a good bank that i couldget my visan go to holland, but everything i try fails. fROM BEING POSITIVE OF US MY BF STARTS GETTING DISTANT & HARSH & CONFUSED & STRANGE. i need help .. please. God bless

Merry Meet Seeker,
Your life has been quite difficult until now. However, there is so much hope on the horizon that you have to keep your eyes on it and promise not to look back. The past represents who you are but the present and the future are waiting to see what you make of it. Regardless of the immense sorrow and misfortune that you have experienced, I can see the dedication and deep determination in your spirit that will take you wherever you wish to go.
As an adult, we don’t need anyone’s help or approval. Ask yourself what exactly you wish for your life. If you can, sit down by a seashore or near a mountain and write down your goals for the next five or ten years. You may also write your goals for the rest of your life. If there is a new moon that day, the goals will all come true. So try to write your goals down on a new Moon day and you are set.
Moving to another part of the country alone helps us see life differently. Here is a spell that will help keep you safe and happy at all times:
Mojo Power Bag Spell
For this spell, you will have to collect the following items:
A pinch of dirt from a mountain
A pinch of dirt from a cemetery
Sand from the beach
A pinch of dirt from a crossroads
1 seashell
1 pebble from crossroads
nail or pebble from near the railroad tracks.
Step 1: Place all of these items in a satin bag
Step 2: Reinfornce the first bag by putting it in another bag so that the dirt will not be lost.
Step 3: Carry it with you at ALL TIMES for good luck.
Brightest Blessings

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