How can I heal my broken heart?

I lost my love some years ago and he is now married to someone else. When we wetre together his aunt/sisters caused problems. I was told by him that his aunt had put a snake curse on him what is that? what is its purpose? She was jealous and selfish and did not wish us well as a couple we were in love. I live with a broken heart and lots of regret about the love I don’t have anymore

Greetings! It can be so difficult to fathom why you had to go through this experience. My heart goes out to you. I can see that you have no ill feelings towards the man you love. If you really want him to be happy, then you have to learn to let go. Although I know its very very hard to let go of a soulmate, we have to open up our mind to let love come into our life again.You may not believe this, but when you fall in love again, you heart will heal and you will feel that the earlier experience enriched you and made you even more aware of your spirit. Remember that everytime you pine for the love you lost, you are opening up that wound again. This hurts you as well as the one you pine for. Now that he is married, he has to give his best to the person he is with. And if you wish for anything else, you may never find love in your life. People believe that each of us has over FIVE soulmates in this world. So my advice to you is to put all the things that remind you of him in a small box, bless it and keep it in the attic or a closet. Later, when your heart is healed you can take these things out and smile at the good times you had. However, the only thing you need to do now is to relax and think of how you can let him go and continue with your life. Remember, this was just one experience you came to the Earth for. There are many other experiences waiting for you to take ownership of. And when you and your soul mates have completed these experiences on Earth, you will all be united again in another realm, from which you arrived on Earth. Hope this helps you make the decision to heal yourself and look forward to other exquisite experiences in life! Brightest Blessings.

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