How can I help a friend get pregnant?

Hi Rose, I’ve been looking all over for a fertility spell, but not for myself, a good friend who asked me if i would, knowing I have just started my journey in Wicca. I told her I would give it a try, but am not sure I can write anything myself and everything on the internet assumes the practitioner is the one that wants to be pregnant and I do not!!! lol. All I’ve seen as a possibility are charms. Just wondering if you might have a spell handy and thanks so much.

Merry Meet.
It is true that most spells are meant to work for the spellworker. However, there are certain spells that you can work on to help your friend along this beautiful path.
Basil is a fertility promoter and its very presence enhances fertility. Collect boughs of Basil and tied them together over your friend’s bed. this enhances their fertility.Do not allow it to dry out. The boughs have to be fresh, green and aromatic. Replace with fresh boughs as needed.
Prepare the following dish for the couple. Plan it so that this dinner coincides with the woman’s fertile period (days 12 – 16 after the first day of her period)
Grind some fresh basil(Lakshmi), lemon balm(Aphrodite) and parsley (Persephone), Remember to grind the old fasioned way, using a mortar and pestle, chanting your wishes for the couple and their baby ( see, you can create your own spell!). When the leaves are ground well (use a food processor if you really have to), add the pine nuts (or walnuts) and garlic and blend again. Now add olive oil to their taste and consistency. Cover with plastic wrap until it is ready to be served. Light some red candles on the dining tables, and allow the couple to eat quietly. Serve Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper if desired.
After the candlelit dinner, ask the couple to retire into the bedroom and to make love by the light of red candles when they are alone. You will know the result in a few weeks..
Brightest Blessings for everyone.

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