How can I help a kind spirit to see the light?

Well, about 8 -10 months ago I had performed an incantation that has caused me to be linked to a spirit I brought here from the other side.. he is not an evil/negative spirit, though I know he is not an angel either; a dead author to be more specific.. I used white magic to “connect” myself to “..all greatness and genius”… wrting my name as well as the name of the person I had wanted to contact in a circle on a mirror (–so the spell went), it has ensured a connection that we are no having difficulty severing. —it took 6 of the 10 months for him to find a way in which to speak to me (sadly, for I had been oblivious to the success of the spell) and now we have both been scouring sources to try and find a way to correct what has happened. If you could help, it would be more than appreciated and highly valued.. thank you so much. =) -Sarah xo, Toronto Canada

Merry Meet Sarah, This situation is unique indeed. Many people try to work with spirits in other realms before they are ready for it. Spirits are around us most of the time; if we call them personally, they need to be treated with respect and given a chance to return to where they come from. Do not despair dear, you can do a spell that may help him go to his next destination. Specifically, this spell works by using the help of someone who died in your family to show him the way. The spell is described below. Spirit water spell Find the following items for the spell: A glass of spring water 1 white candle Photographs or favorite items of your relative who has passed on. A piece of brown paper and a pen A conjure bag or charm bag Some graveyard dirt 7 coffin nails Make an altar for your deceased relative and decorate it with his or her favorite things. Offer a meal that she loved or a snack that he liked before their demise. Sit down by the lighted white candle and visualize your relative directing the lost spirit on its way. Write your intentions on the brown paper. Talk to your friend spirit, the author and instruct him to follow this person into the light. Fold the paper and place it in the conjure bag with the graveyard dirt and the nails. Keep the bag in a safe place where it will not be disturbed. When you are certain that the spirit has left this realm, bury the conjure bag and its contents in Earth. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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