How can I help clear my aunt’s name?

Hello! How are u? Well, i have a problem. My aunt, who i love dearly, might be going to prison within the next month or so for a crime she didnt commit, and i know that she didnt commit it. The crime was stealing money, if that can help. I have already gotten her permission to help her out through Wicca, but, I cannot find anything, anywhere, on a spell that is appropiate for this. There are many sights that have answers, but i am not too sure if i can trust them. I have read through many of your Answers, and i can see that you know what you are talking about, and so i am asking you for help. Thank You

I’m happy to see that you have already asked her for her permission to cast a spell on her or for her.  It’s good to know that you are following the tenets of the faith.

The best thing you can do for your aunt is to cast a spell of protection for her. Actually, I would start with a purification ritual to make sure that there is not something working against her and trying to harm her.

Follow this up with a protection spell and an amulet or poultice of protection that she carries with her, especially to court hearings and the like. It is very important that the protection be in place before she goes to trial.

It is also important that if she knows anything at all about what did happen to the money, she inform her attorney and the investigators.  Often, out of a form of misplaced loyalty, we protect people who are guilty without realizing what it is doing to ourselves.

Your faith in your aunt is admirable and speaks well of her. Having you believe in her will also help her through this time of humiliation and pain.She is suffering greatly at being falsely accused and needs her family to believe in her. Your faith alone will help to free her of these horrible accusations.

Protect her and yourself with the appropriate spells and remind her often that you believe in her and know the truth. All those things will make things better.


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