How can I help get my son off drugs and fix my finances?

I have very simple questions and i do belive in witch craft ,magic and miracles divine powers ………………….

I am mother and all my three children used drugs like herion, marijuan and alcohol.itried talking to them find solution but nIther worked i evenCALLED called police on my oldest son so he could wake up and go to rehabs but this did did not changed my son mind. His case is still pending and the new date is 23 jaN 2007,AND he would go to jail and will have bad cori check for future jobs loans situations IF HE DID NOT PASS GRUG TEST? He is not talking to me and is very mad How can you help me in getting rid of drug problem/issues from my children so they could stip using drugs……………
Second i need money i have a job but do not pay enough my house is forclosed and my husband is out of job so he lives out side USA to do a job because in 2000 there was a bad disagreement between my husband and
I called police on him and he was charged for A&B charges,which comes on his CORI checks and he is unable to find A job. He is still married to me but not happy with me i donot know if he lives with an other woman abroad. I need money i play lottery when the jack pot are high like mega millions or power ball but could not win because i do not have wionning of money luck in my hands. Can you help me in find an income from lottery to pay my debt of my and husband’s bills and a place to live .i do not know if I or my husband could save our house since it is forclosed and the company who forclosed id selling to the high bid. I do love my house since my kids were vorn and grew up there. My kids are 25 born on feb 1 Aquarius,21 april 25 Taurus,24 May 28 Gemini My husband dec 25 Capricorn and I am Aries march 28……………….i wait tohear from you Thank you so much as i said i leflive in miracles i will wait tohear from you …………RYA

It can be very difficult to accept as a parent that you have to call the police on your own child, but please know that you did the right thing. You tried to talk with your son and help him work through his drug use without involving the authorities, but he rejected your assistance.

And while it will be very difficult for him if he has a criminal record, it is better than the alternatives: death or drug addiction. Most of the time, drug addicts have a hard time finding and holding a job. It is difficult to think that it may take jail time to help your son get clean, but sometimes that’s the only thing that works. Perhaps his attorney can negotiate a plea bargain and get him into rehab, but no matter what happens, you need to understand that you did what you had to do to try to protect him from himself.

As for your finances, I’m so sorry to hear about your home. If the foreclosures is already in process, you need to speak to an attorney to see if there is anything that can be done so that you don’t lose your home. Unfortunately, no matter how much we deserve it, or need it, the Universe rarely rewards us with winning the Lottery, largely because there are a great many people who need it and deserve it.

You said you are working hard to try to fix your financial situation. I would suggest that you talk with an attorney about trying to save your house and seek financial counseling to help you find a way to survive on your salary.

Finally, about your husband, you need to talk with him about the status of your marriage. If he is not physically with you and is not financially helping you, you need to decide if you want to stay married to him.

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