How can I help heal a broken heart?

I would like to know how to heal wounds of the heart.

They say only time can mend a broken heart, but that isn’t necessarily true.  The key to helping someone whose heart has been wounded or broken is to offer them unconditional love and support.

There is no spell or instant healing that can deal with wounds to the psyche and the heart, but you can make the healing process faster by encouraging the victim of such pain to let it go. Sometimes, this can be as simple as letting them cry or rage over the thing that caused the pain. Other times, it can require an almost detatched logic, pointing out the flaws (gently) in a relationship that wasn’t perfect and helping them to see the things that are good about themselves.

One of the most healing things anyone ever did for me personally was to remind me that I had a right to feel the way I did. I was hurt and angry and wounded, but felt like I was supposed to smile and pretend the injury never happened. Then, a good friend reminded me that of course I was upset, what happened to me was crappy and the person who hurt me was wrong for doing it.

Those simple words helped me to move on. Instead of bottling up the pain and bringing it out for inspection when I was alone and could rage silently, she gave me permission to let the pain out, to feel it and know it was real and then let it go. This can be the most important part of the healing process, admitting to ourselves that we were hurt and that it stinks. But, then it seems a little less bad. Someone else acknowledged that you were wronged and that you were hurting. Sometimes, that’s enough to give you the strength to go on.

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  1. Aisha says:

    These is a great advise column but I need an actually spell of charm to at least temporarily take away the pain. I know there Has to be Something that can heal us when we feel this way. Maybe a disillusionment charm or something? Something that could block or cloud or negative feelings?

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