How can I help my friend get over his nightmares?

Hello, one of my best freinds has horrible dreams, i wanted to do a spell for him to get rid of them, he said that would be great but i just cant seem to find any. Please help.

Sometimes figuring out what our dreams mean can be a difficult and trying process, but it can also be very valuable. So, the first thing I would suggest for your friend is that he keep track of his dreams. A dream journal kept next to the bed shoulod be the first thing he does when he wakes up.

Tell him to start by lying calmly in his bed and trying to remember his dreams. Then, when he starts to remember them he should write them down, even if he remembers things out fo order. He should write it down as he remembers it.

And, if the dream is bad enough it wakes him up at night, he should take the time right then to write the dream down.

Once he has written the dream down, he should immediately begin to meditate and try to clear them out of his head. The easiest way to do this is to concentrate on a happy memory and try to remember all the details of that memory. When he first starts, it is likely other things will pop into his head. He should let that happen. Let the ideas float in and out again.

As he meditates, he may have ideas about what the dreams mean and he should also write those down.  Once he figures out what the dreams mean, he can overcome the fear they cause.

You can also help him by casting a simple protection spell on him and giving him a protection satchel to place under his pillow. If something outside of him is causing the dreams, a protection spell will protect him. If you use lavendar as one of the components in the satchel,. the soothing scent of the lavendar will also help him to sleep easier.


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