How can I help my sister to get her boyfriend?

i was just wondering my little sister minty she is 9 and she has a boyfriend named zach and she loves him like crazy!i want to help her so is their a spell for that? p.s i dont have any candles

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is very cute to hear that you are a big sister to a nine year old that is in love with a boy. And you wish to help the pair to get together. It is really cute and wonderful to hear that you both are so close. However, I have to give you some bad news. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt anyone.
In Magick, one of the rules of Witchcraft is that we must not force anything on anyone. Let me explain: It is not good to put pressure on someone either by acts or by magickal spells to act out something that they may not be ready for. In plain English, it means that you cannot force anyone (using candles or anything else) to fall in love with a person.
Since your sister Minty is only 9 years old, she has a very long time to find a partner in life. For now, she can just smile when she sees him and maybe even try to talk to him. I am sure he is about 9 years old too, right? It is way too early to think about romance. Of course, there are young romances that are destined to become 90 year old marriages. However, we can wait for a few more years before thinking of romance.
It would be a great idea to be friends though. So try to put them together at parties and and dances and see what happens. You are a great sister, of course!
Brightest Blessings

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