How can I help my son?

My son married a woman in Cape Town, Africa she claims that she is wiccan. How can I tell she didn’t use a love spell on him? How can we break it? One more thing she is pregnance, in my heart I feel this child is not his. Because he was check out by a doctor and the doctor said he could not have any. I want the truth in this matter. I only can contact him by email. What can I write for him to see the truth or her to tell the truth? Thank you ahead of time. Blessed be.

Greetings! It is indeed sad that you can only contact your son by email. I am sure you miss him a lot. However, if he is over 18 years of age, he is an adult. And in Wicca, we usually do not work on others unless they ask us to. Your best bet is to email your son and ask him if he is happy. All that matters is that he is happy and is leading a joyous life. It does not matter that the child is not his, or that his wife did a spell on him, etc. If the marriage works, then they are both probably living a happy life. If he says he is unhappy, however, you may ask him how you can help. He is an adult and he can leave his wife anytime he wishes to. If she charges a paternity suit on him, then he can find out by testing whether the child is his. Howevet, it is best to leave you son alone and just let him know that you will always be there for him, no matter what. What you can do is send him good wishes through your visualizations, meditations, etc. What is important is that he is happy in his life, right? You can also send him some protection from negativity, including his own or that of his relatives. Remember, the joy you send him will be returned to you three-fold. Hope this helps you understand how Wicca expects us to behave in such situations. Blessed Be!

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