How can I improve my life?

Good day, My question to you is regarding my life. To date I havent had a great deal of luck in all aspects of my life. I try to be a positive person & try not to let things get me down. What can I do to change this what seems like bad carma in my life. I really need a change from this sad life im living at the moment. Thank you

Merry Meet Seeker,
Most of us have had days and sometimes months where nothing worked for us. However, if you think that you have not had any luck in your life, you may be able to reverse your observation. The Universe is very fair and we usually get what we deserve. That being said, I am sure you are trying your best to make yourself happy and move on each day.
Here are some hints for you to improve your “sad life” as you put it:
1. Every morning, before you get up, thank the Universe for giving you the opportunity to help someone today.
2. Before you get up from bed, think of ten people you are thankful for. It could be your parents who raised you, your siblings or your friends, your co-workers, strangers you meet, internet friends, etc.
3. Now think of ten powers you have that help you daily such as the power of sight, smell, hearing, walking, talking, reading, singing, etc.
4. As you get up, thank the Universe for giving you another wonderful day (yes, you expect it!)
5. Give a hug or cheery Hello to everyone you meet in the house, on the street, at work, etc.
6. When you are with a friend or co-worker, silently thank them for their presence.
7. After work, try to go to a children’s shelter or animal shelter and offer money. Or offer to walk a dog or feed a cat.
8. When you come back home, thank the Universe for all that you enjoyed today. Remember, life is all about everyday things and the mundane. It is up to each of us to help others and bring back good karma every day of our life.
Brightest Blessings

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