How can I improve our relationship?

Dear Rose , i had cast a love spell on my love one out of desperation in last year . After the spell casted he came back and I felt his love for me is as strong as before . But somehow half year later, things happen and he getting more and more frustrating with me. Our arguemnt is getting worst and he is more firm in leaving me this time . I had begged him many many times this years , he still cold toward me. It had happened in the past but he always cme to me after few days. I wondered could it be due to the bad karma cos of the spell I casted . But I had made sure with spell caster and shr told me no negative energy and bad karma . I very sad and regret , I really love him very much . I had spend Of money on healing our relationship , fortune telling looking for ways to improve our relationship . Dear Rose , pls advise wht can I do . Thanks Best regards Jess

Merry Meet Jess,
I can see that you love your partner very much. Sometimes thinks have a way of working themselves out. So do the best you can and leave the rest to the Universe which is smarter than all of us living things on Earth put together!
You are correct, the love spell that forced your loved one to return may not have been the thing to do at that time; however, let bygones be bygones and move forward in life. As women, some of us have a habit of begging for attention. This only makes them feel even more powerful. Always be thankful of your blessings and leave it at that. No one is assured of the next day – whether we will wake up, be healthy and so on. The Universe alone knows who long we will live and love.
Jess, you have to find that self-confidence you once had, I am sure. No human being is worth losing our self-confidence. When we lose our self-esteem, we become like jelly fish, unable to have a spine or make good decisions. You have to remember that you are a strong woman and that you have survived many of life’s problems that were thrown on you.
So get back your confidence and stop begging. What you need to do is to find a job if you don’t have one or concentrate on your other interests such as hobbies, charity work, going out with friends, etc. The more you show your confident side to your partner, the more he will respect you. And before you know it, HE will be begging you to stay.
Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Andre says:

    Yeah you do have some serious issues to deal with! Do you really think that he came back to you because of your silly little spell? Maybe it’s because he wanted to give your relationship one more try with his own free will… Get real lady!

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