How can I increase my psychic qualities?

Thank you Rose for answering this question, i also loved your mini weekly magic course. I am a teen witch, i can tell the weather without forcast. Today i was saying to my friend that it will snow tonight and it did. I sometimes see the future in my dreams (this doesn’t happen very often) i imagine things or something just pops out of my head and it happens. i wonder what this is, i hope you can give me more information on it so that maybe i can control it or use it better. Thank you so much for your help. x

Merry Meet Seeker, I am so happy to hear that you love my weekly mini magick course. It is so good to know that many of you are working on the rituals with me. It increases the Magickal energy of all beings when they participate in these rituals together as ONE. From your email, I understand that you are very intuitive and is capable of very strong psychic abilities. It would be very good if you can work on increasing these visions. One of the ways in which you an control it and use it more efficiently is through meditation. Using meditation, we can quieten the noise inside our heads and focus on the vision with clarity. Also, keep a diary by your bedside and jot down all you remember about your dreams as soon as you wake up. If you have switched sides on the bed, roll over to the side you were in when you had your dream and it may come back to you. Go through the dream scenario again if you can and then write it down in your dream diary. Later, when you have some time, you can go back and try to decipher it. One more thing – Having good energy around you helps to increase psychic visions. So make sure you don’t associate with negative people. Try to stay away from arguments and debates. Your mind needs to be in balanced condition for you to allow the psychic energy to come through. Through practice you will be able to determine signs or indication that you are about to have a vision. As you get more and more power, use it to help others so that your power will keep growing. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Manjit says:

    Hi im not sure whats going on but i feel like a zombie at times, i used to be very intuitive and psychic but i feel so blocked i used to help others but then i was busy with kids so i stopped, i still had very strong dreams and signs. But this has lessend recently i have been feeling very strange from waking up my head is heavy if i try to meditate i feel panicked but then just recently without trying i was sitting on my sofa relaxing and i felt myself go into meditaion then slowly i saw my mother in law cooking then i felt sick and horrible i have also felt a cold presence in the house usualy i can feel my dad who passed way 8 years ago but now it just feels cold and empty. My 2 year old was playing then all of a sudden he screemed and came runing but i had watched and nothing had happend to him but he seemed terrified. Another thing is that my inlaws keep insisting they want to come over with dinner which in the past they have never eaten themselves she says they ate before they came and its just to help me out. They are always phoning and telling us not go out or spend money. Recently my husband lost his job but he has been trying build is own business but he’s started smoking again and everything seems helpless we are’nt close anymore we feel nothing even though we both know we love each other, i dont feel incrontroll of anything im depressed, insecure, paranoid and weepy and get ill all the time yet i dont seem that bothered to do anything about it like i forget then when i do remeber i just want to bury my head. Please Can You Help Me Please Manj

  2. shantia says:

    سلام رز عزیز من استاد جادو هستم اگر شما مایل باشید میتوانید با من همکاری داشته یاشید من میتوانم همه جادو ها رو از بین ببرم و نابود کنم حتی اگر کسی به جادو عشق مبتلا شود ناخاسته اگر کسی مشکلی داشت که شما نتوانستید ان را حل کنید از من کمک بگیرید

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