How can I kill someone with black magic?

how to kill someone with black magic.

I am sure that the reason why you have asked this question is because you are so angry with someone that you would rather see him or her die. However, if you understand WHY this happened, you may be able to let go and find your peace again. Life is sometimes quite difficult, isn’t it? One day we are happy and singing aloud and the next day we want to hurt someone. This is normal, especially when we are not aware of how the Universe works. To understand the Universe, it would be good to find out why we are here on Earth. Most wise folks believe that we are on the Earth to experience LIFE. Life involves living inside the mother’s womb, being born, childhood when we may be trying to establish our presence on this Earth and adulthood when we have learned some of the lessons that life offers. Also, as adults, we start to think of why we are here and what experiences we came to Earth for. As we all know, the soul or spirit cannnot be destroyed. So if we kill someone, all that happens is that they release their physical body and goes back to where they came from. So killing someone can hurt only the person who remains on Earth. As we all know, when we do something to hurt another, we get hurt even more! Very few people who have killed others feel happy after that. They are usually overcome with remorse and would like to get a second chance to make things right. However, they are usually in prison by then and cannot do much. The practitioners of the beautiful and peaceful religion of Wicca DO NOT believe in black magic. We know that if we hurt someone, we get hurt three times more. There are so many ways that people can get justice. If you are really hurt by someone, try to speak to an elderly friend or go to the police. If you were hurt in love, remember that everyone has the right to fall in and OUT of love. There are so many people in this world who would LOVE to be your friend. Why focus on one of them? Life is all about choices. Choose the right way of dealing with life. Make positive decisions and you will always be showered with blessings from the Universe. Hope this helps you deal with your dilemma. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. andres says:

    como puedo acer migia negra por q odio a un persona lo deteto

  2. Chetan Vagal says:

    i want to learn black magic like controlling people from my power they should listen to me. Loving me. My work should get achieve & fast. etc etc

  3. blacktepes says:

    I didn’t read the whole thing is obnoxious and boring he wants to know how to kill people with forbidden magics and why they are forbidden because they all work and because the bunch of pussies who have shred rivers of blood with it have found themselves to traumatize to call this and error, of course it is and error been a black mage is to give a life for a life both tied firmly to your heart in most of all the occasions so be prepared to break the stability of your mind and heart when doing so (continue)

  4. mah says:

    Hi all ,

    In India some group of people use black magic to kill others. This is done in many ways
    I do not know how do it. This is is “vedas” ( read link “″ to know about what is vedas) .

    1. By sending unholy spit ( another soul also ) to you and that soul is controlled by one how did black magic. he can control and manipulate victim . He will make use unholy sprite , he can kill victim by suicide or kill by accident.
    2. By using Some skill they can make victim to get incurable health problem.
    In India some great personality use this kind of skills on other to kill enemies ( One of well know software bureaucrat use this skills to kill enemies ) .

  5. Unknown Shetty says:

    The above post are all rubbish and crab, There is only one power that is GOD.
    Before our birth our destiny has been written. GOD has brought us to this wonderful world and teaches us the good and right way of living in this world and GOD has the power to destroy us not black-magic. so believe in GOD and not in such rubbish kind of things…………………………Thanks!

  6. DarkHeart2214 says:

    @Unknown Shetty: If you are saying that..why did you come to this website in the first place?

  7. LeviafanusAerusPardis says:

    @DarkHeart2214 such scums just don’t have any personal life, and the only think they have, is a ability to troll people… as Ray William Johnson said… Get a Life!

  8. Baphomet says:

    Really, shut up and kill _________ and ________. They deserve to die and will now go to hell where the devil will be waiting.

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