How can I learn about hydrokinesis

Well i was wondering i am a boy and i was wondering if i can be like something like a wiccan. I am curios and really anxious to know please answer as soon as a possible. Also i really want to learn about hydrokenisis.

Merry Meet Seeker, It is wonderful to hear from a young person like you that you wish to be a Wiccan. Before you change into any other way of life than what you were raised in, it is useful to learn all about the new tradition or religion. The practice of Wicca, even though this beautiful way of life has been around since human life began, is quite different from the way most people have been taught to live. In Wicca, we allow ourselves to feel the power of the Universe. Instead of depending on an external entity to “grant” us wishes or answer our prayers, we make our future happen. As you can see, the way we think is very different when we become Wiccans. As a young boy, you may need to read a lot about this religion and its traditions before you can change your religion and become a practitioner of Wicca. Wiccan traditions involve a lot of meditation, self-guidance and visualization. We make things happen by just visualizing it. A wonderful way to live, don’t you think? As your mind gets stronger, you will find yourself powerful enough to perform hydrokinesis, the art of moving things in water. Basically, you will be controlling and guiding the water itself. To do this, sit by a calm pond and meditate for some time on the One-ness of things. Contemplate on the fact that all the things around us are made up of the same energy that we are created from. There is a deep connection between us and everything around us. Of course this includes you and the pond or water in front of you. Slowly imagine a connection being formed between you (your energy) and water (water energy). As you visulalize the connection, you will be able to push forth your intention into the water energy field. With practice, you may be able to move a toothpick or a leaf on the water and move on to larger items. Remember, this takes concentration, dedication and practice. However, with time and desire, you will be able to accomplish your goals. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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