How can I learn the Craft?

hello rose, i’m Meganathan from india, i wish to learn this craft. can u guide me to learn this goddess craft. and one thing my family is facing lot of problem’s like money, unemployment and we can’t able to sell our properties can u please help me to recover from this all

Merry mee Meganathan. It is always good to hear from people in India as it has one of the largest populations which practice witchcraft. Yes, Hinduism is based on witchcraft. So if you are a Hindu you already know the craft. Unfortunately, in India, the brahmin classes tried to gain a monopoly on witchcraft and this led to many people believing that only brahmins can communicate with the Deity. It it time to think for ourselves, Meganathan. All human beings can communicate with the Deity. All human beings are the same. No one is more superior or inferior than anyone else. All human beings are capable of communicating with the Divine. In fact, everything that exists in this world has the same energy that runs through our bodies and spirits. We are never smaller or bigger than anyone else in a spiritual context. India is one of the best places to learn meditation, the art of strengthening our spirit. A strong spirit can control a runaway mind by channeling the energy into creative directions. Instead of thinking that our life is worthless, channel your energy into finding ways to make a difference to others in your environment. Help others, donate money, strive to always have a positive attitude. Instead of thinking that you don’t have money, change your tune to creatively arrive at many ways to make money truthfully. Instead of thinking that you may never get out of a miserable job situation, perservere to find the best job that will make you happy in the long run. Many Indian homes have altars in which people sit down to pray. When you sit down, visualize the future you wish to see. Think of each little detail and etch them into your conscience. Request the deities to support your quest for employment, happiness and prosperity. Take your future into your hands, Meganathan! Hope you understand the power that you have within you to create your future exactly as you wish it to be. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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