How can I learn to levitate?

i want to learn how to levitate easily instead of using all of these meditation but i dont want to do it satinic way i jus want easy instuctions and how to make a object float to

Merry Meet Seeker,

Thank you for asking this – I have had quite a few messages on the subject of levitation over the past couple of weeks and it will be a pleasure to answer yours too.

From the outset, you have to understand that levitation is not an easy power to acquire. Your mind and your soul have to be completely focused on levitating either yourself or an object. Unfortunately finding that focus, will require of you to meditate regularly and for fairly long periods at a time There literally is no other way.

What I have done to try and help you achieve your goal, is provide you with a levitation spell. This spell will only work if you have shifted consciousness and if you have achieved lightness of being.

4 candles (yellow or white)

a quiet place (preferably outside at dawn)

a down feather (smaller the better)

  • First, place the candles in a circle, one in each direction. 
  • Perform a cleansing ritual and center yourself.
  • Hold the feather in your non-dominant hand.
  • Feel it’s gift of lightness.
  • Light the candles – start in the East and light them in a
  • clockwise order.
  • Sit in a comfortable position facing the North.  
  • Chant the following 9 times:

“In the light I see,

In the dark I am blind,

In the world I walk,

In the circle I fly.”

Call to spirits to help you.  Clear your mind and feel the feather float in your open hand.  Lift with it and levitate.

I sincerely hope that this will help you!

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

One Response to “How can I learn to levitate?”

  1. shin aya mae says:

    i want to know if the magic is really true??
    how can you say you can do a magic??
    and lastly can i become a witch?
    what should i do??
    and how can i become a witch???

  2. priya says:

    how do i leveitate things withought herbs and meditation and candles how do i levitae or just plain move things Priya psi am a beginner in magic thank you if u help

  3. Nemmy says:

    As far as i understand, the process of levitation is depending on your personality.
    It would be easy if you are well disciplined.
    Just email me for comments or and question. Tnx.

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