How can I learn to move things with my mind?

hi im 15 years old and i really want to learn how to move things with my mind. i always felt that i could but inever had the right teachings if you could teach me or recommend something for me to read i’ll happily do it since you have 27 years of this. tank you for your time…. larry ^_^

Merry Meet Larry, The ability to control matter in space, time and dimension is called telekinesis. It takes a lot of time, patience and determination to learn this science. The first thing any student of telekinesis needs to do is to learn to meditate deeply. Meditation is the method of focusing the mind of a subject regardless of all the noise and other disturbances going on around us. Once you have mastered the art of meditation and can focus intently on a subject for long periods of time, try to move things with your mind. Try small, electrically charge items such as a leaf from a book , mini-CD or a sewing needle. Mark the place where it originally lies and then try to move it with your energy. You may move your hands over the object and use the energy fields sourcing from your hands to do this. Watch these videos on youtube for some ideas. Here are some books that you can try: “How to do Telekinesis and Energy Work – Kuriakos “Invisiblility and Levitation” by Commander X Although I have not reviewed the books, you may get some ideas about learning and practicing the art of Telekinesis from these and other books you may find on the internet when you google the word “telekinesis”. As your mind gets stronger and you are able to move larger things, you can write a book yourself! Hope this helps. Blessed Be.

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  2. Nicki says:

    Wow, thanks for te advice! I tried and actually was VERY successful in this step!

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