How can I levitate objects?

I want to levitate something like a feather (for instance). I concentrate very hard but I still can’t do it! I believe that I can but it s just not working! What steps to I need to take to develop this ability? Jessica

Hi Jessica

Telekinesis takes strict discipline, as you know. You’ll need to practice about twenty minutes a day, every day, without fail, and sometimes it takes months, even years to develop.

I recommend starting with a candle flame or dice. If you can get the dice to move–not even roll–you’re on the path! Don’t get discouraged. Do this somewhere that you won’t get disturbed, and unplug the phone. Light a white candle and practice moving the flame with your mind. Make it longer, shorter, flicker, and stand still. Use your palm to guide the flame.

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  1. egzon says:

    is their such a thing as orbing,telecanetic orbing,or whitetlighters like in charmed

  2. Alex says:

    This page is made up of the stupidest people that I’ve ever laid my sorry eyes on. I think that you all should move out of your parents’ homes and get a job / life.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I was wondering, is it possible to levitate my girlfriends dido into her vagina.

  4. igor,m says:

    i am willing to pay anybody willing to cast a spell for me messege me [email protected]

  5. kyra says:

    i actually think i hav some level of levitation ability .especilally when i am asleep.yesterday when i was taking a nap (with my mum) i actually got out of my body (dont know how i did it )and i actually lifted a hair brush without touching fell near the bed .and i think i awoke after that.because i found it on the same spot.and my mum was puzzled how it got there because the dressing table is in the other corner of the room.please kind of freaked out

  6. daisy says:

    there are all these different sites that i go to and they still dont work and by the way im thirteen so i dont think i can be pusheed from my parents house, but i want to levitate stuff like criss angel in ”Mass Levitation” when he levitates you thru the tv. i have watched it so many xs and i still cant do it and ive seen some people have had better luck than me thru some videos but my freking laptop is blocking activex so i cant download the adobe flash, plze teach me to relax. and believe more cus i do but uit wont work

  7. chloe says:

    hi me again x

    i just realised something . i know it sounds weird( and not very smart as im basically saying not to breath ) but breathing is not the best thing to do when near a candle flame. as you could move it with your breath and also accidently put the flame out . i tried this and kept wondering if i put the candle out myself but when i realised what i was doing wrong . i stopped it so the problem would not arise again , so move hecandle back and dont use arm movements and act all mystic . because your not moving the candle with your mind , your directing air towards the flame you know :)
    chloe hill x

  8. anxhelo says:

    im being in witchcraft for 3 years and i recieved a special gift from the magick world te power of telekenisis but my power is not strong yet because i got this power last year and now im practising 20 minutes in day just like rose told me she helped me a lot now im rolling the psi wheel thank you rose

  9. Mara says:

    Once, during my year as a Year 7, my year level had to meet in the auditorium for our Reflection Day. There was a white candle lit next to the speaker’s stand. I began staring at it, bored while waiting for the meeting to start. Suddenly, the flame flickered. I was not sure and I never will be sure if it was either the wind or me. Since then, I’ve been trying to flicker the flame more and etc. but apparently and continuously, I’ve failed. So I gave up. After seeing this web page, I feel like practicing all over again. Maybe this time, I’ll be able to move the candle flame. :)

  10. Vanye says:

    Hey my names devin…… um i can control water and the wind…. but its not exact for me. i can only do it when im at an extream( MAD, SAD, ECT….) and when im really calm and almost part of the wind or water…. im trying to understand HOW to do it more exact… can ANYONE HELP ME????

  11. dragonfreak13xx says:

    My name is dragonfreak13xx, I wanted to learn how to move things with my mind i have a friend who is wiccan and she told me its takes time and alot of patience and practice so im trying not everyday just once in a while. Like when i get bored in class or im alone at home it dosent work. i look at the oject and try to imagine it floting or moving but its not working so if u can help me i will be very happy thanks for ur help


  12. Yen says:

    I know all us can levitate…OPEN that pineal gland/3rd eye, astral travel, and you will KNOW real knowledge.
    Forget college. Its a rip off!!
    None of the ‘facts’ in schools are worth a damn…only stress you out. This need to test kids to the limit with knowledge they dont need is wrecking our kids. I was self-taught and it was mucho better than going to useless school.

  13. Eternal Wolf says:

    Yen, that is the most inteligent thing i have read in years, too bad nobody in the government thinks the same… or thinks much outside of their little walls… there’s a reason this is called ‘new age’

  14. Death Kid675 says:

    Hi my name is Shaughn n i made tinfoil turn on a pin but i want to make paper levitate to show my friend that i can do telekinesis can you help me out

  15. Matthew says:

    I can do telekinesis. The main thing you want to concentrate on, is your third eye, and your two regular eyes. Look dead center in the object your trying to move. Then imagine lines coming out of your eyes and third eye. Once you have the lines on the object, use third eye to create up,down,left, or right. As your pointing the lines up, you have to pulsate the top middle of the brain. If you wanna move right, visualize the lines going right, and once you hit the edge of the object, push with right side of brain. Same for left. Push on the left side, and visualize it. It doesn’t move fast. It starts off slow. What I noticed helps, is when you visualize really long lines.Your thirdeye should have a tingle going, if doing right. Practice breathing in through the thirdeye

  16. woa says:


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  17. woa says:

    with my 3Rd eye, I see !!!! Lol

  18. woa says:

    wutchu kno boutdatt!!!

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