How can I live in peace in my house?

Hi I have my partners son who is doing drugs in our house. His dad will not deal with it and avoids dealing with it and his son knows he has the upper hand. He’s 21 and needs to move out as he works but doesn’t pay for anything either and his dad believes he is obligated to him as its his son. I have a 12yo and a 15yo. Thank you. Sam

Merry Meet Sam,
I can understand how frustrated you are. Yes, it is dangerous to have a drug addict in the house. As a mother to two young boys, it is your duty to keep them away from you partner’s son. First you can try to talk to your partner about enrolling his son at a place where he will get help immediately. If you do not want to leave your partner, you can first try to talk to him about the seriousness of this issue. If he brushes it off or say that he cannot do anything about it, you have to make a decision for the sake of your children.
Anyway, you have to talk to both of your children about the vicious results of drug abuse. Take them to a counselor or friend who can talk to them about staying away from drugs. I am sure many kids in their school and maybe in their friends group may also be taking drugs. Many parents are unaware of this. However, you can establish a good relationship with your children and make sure that they understand what drug use can do to families and individuals.
Here is a happy home spell for you so that all negative aspects in your life will disappear:
Family Unity Spell
For this spell, you will need a single strand of hair from each member of the family. Just check their beds after they wake up and you will find the hairs
you need for this spell. Also needed are blue thread, a piece of angelica root, essential oil of German Chamomile, Balm if Gilead buds, Flax seeds, Lavendar blossoms, Pink and white rose buds. You can always subtitute other items instead of these or label another item with the name of the item you need. Anything is possible with witchcraft!
Step 1: Make a braid with the thread and hair.
Step 2: Use this braid and tie a bow aound the angelica root.
Step 3: Now anoint teh root with a drop of chamomile oil for each member of the family.
Step 4: Put the root together with other items into a charm bag and keep it with you at all times.
Brightest Blessings.

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