How can I make a straight guy like me?

i am a guy who happens to be in love with another guy. now any other time i would just let it go (plenty of fish in the sea), but i have liked him for some time now. the big problem is that he is straight! what would be the best love spell that could help me with this? please help me! thank you so much, ben

Merry Meet Ben. In life, we come across many challenges. Love is the most important emotion in this world. Without love, no one can survive. It can be the love of humans, love of animals or love for plants, hobbies, etc. that keeps us motivated and excited about life. However, one thing to remember is that each of us are given intelligence for a reason. And each of us are here for a reason. Our will power enables us to think for ourselves, our goals and our dreams and also to plan our life the way our spirit desires. Each person knows that they like certain things, certain people, certain hobbies, etc. The most frustration in life happens when we try to coerce another into our way of thinking. Many times we have to take a step back and think of what is best for us as well as the other people in our life. So it is very important to know that if this person is straight and will not be interested in you romantically, any magick that you work on this matter will only hurt you. However, we can love people unconditionally. You can be a loyal, trustworthy friend to this person. You may help him out on occasion and have a strong bond with him. Be sure to let him know that you are gay. However, do not cross any boundaries without deeply meditating on how it could hurt this person and bring sorrow into your life because of it. Each of us are believed to come into this world with as many as five soul mates. So there is someone (one or more) waiting to meet you, love you and share life with you. Keep your eyes and heart open and you will find love many times in your life. A love spell that can help you is to write down in detail, your dreams and what you need in a lover. Fold the paper and put it under your pillow. Hope this helps answer your question, Ben. Blessed Be.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Reshmi says:

    How can I make the one I love spend time with me. he says he likes me but only talks to me on the phone. as soon as i ask to see him, he starts to make excuses. please help me to meet him. i want to knw his true feelings

  2. Reshmi says:

    How can i make the one I love spend time with me

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