How can I make more money?

Hi Rose I am victor married with 2 kids 4yr and 1 yr.ALthough I am earning wellI am not able to save and day by day I am falling in to debts and unfortunately my family members are also increasing the expenses.Please do let me know if you can do anything to help me seriously.I dont want my kids to suffer because of me.

Merry Meet Victor,
It is wonderful to meet you Victor. I always appreciate hard working fathers who are always finding ways to take care of the family. There are many ways to save more money. The best way is to get a book that has hundreds of tips to save money.
All of us with families know that as soon as we get a raise, our income goes up, but our expenses go up too. That is because we have this feeling of prosperity and it makes us do things we may normally not do. I will do some practical tips to conserve money and also an easy spell that you can work on for continued properity throughout life:
1. Reduce your expenses. Look through your incoming and outgoing money and see where you can cut down. Sit down with your family and have a good discussion about saving money. For yourself, you can find out what you can cut out from you daily habits. Coffee from a shop, make your own before you leave. Buying snacks from the machine? Buy bulk and take one to work. Little things add up soon.
2. For your wife, ask her to do the same if she is working. If she is a home-maker, ask her to shop at thrift stores and get bargains such as things on clearance. She can also make food and freeze portions of it so that you can have more meals within your budget.
3. For children, get them in the habit of expecting only one toy for Christmas. For our children, we used to give them the Toys R Us catalog and $25 amount so that they can get whatever they wanted from the catalog so long as the total did not come to over $25.
4. Another way to teach children to save is to give them pocket money, say $10 every month and taking back 2 dollars or so from it as savings. Periodically, you show the total saved to the children and by doing this, we were able to show the kids how money adds up for the future.
5. If you cannot get a better job, try to do some work online. Search online for “freelance work” or “Freelance jobs”. If you are a good writer or a good photographer you will get great jobs. So will people who can do simple work such as writing about their favorite subjects, doing programming, transcription and manyh other jobs. You can do these work at home for 2 hours a day and get a lot of money depending on the subjects.
Here is a simple spell for your family:
Get Essential oil of Bergamot. Rub two drops of this oil between the palm of you hands to attract money. For additional power, rub this oil gently to your purse or wallet too.
Brightest Blessings

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