How can I make my life better?

Hey my name is star and there are a few questions. 1. Is there a spell i can use to be able to talk to my real dad and find out everything and always be able to see him? 2. I need a spell to get my ex boyfriend to realize how much i love him and give me a second chance with him because i am on the egde of killing myself due to the pain i am suffering. I need help to look more beautiful and have a way better life then i do now because right now my life is really bad that i want to just die so that i don’t have to suffer. If you can can you please help me with this you don’t know how greatful i would be if you guys could help me out cause it’ll mean the world to me. Thabks for everything

Merry Meet Star,
It is wonderful to meet you. You seem like a smart kid who is going through a tough period in life. Troubles in life make us stronger, wiser and more independent. What you are going through is quite normal. If these situations in life are too much to bear, you need to find a counselor in school or outside so that you can see that these troubles will go away soon. Most young people in their teens and beyond can become bogged down with life’s problems and find an escape. So when you think of all the problems you have in life, try to think of what is working for you. You have people around you who love you and care for you.
One of the ways by which we become adults is by handling our own problems. When life throws us all kinds of curve balls, we need to get better at them by learning to deal with other people. Spells will work only on situations where you are empowered by the Universe. All you need to do is to use the powers already given to you by the Universe such as the power to speak and the power to persuade and communicate with others. As we get better at talking to people, we get more confident and mature.
For example, your first questoin is how to be able to talk to your real Dad. Of course you can talk to your real dad by asking your mom and finding out the details of how you came to being. Talk to your mother when she is in a good and relaxed mood and if she says something rude, just walk away. Try again later. Or you can invite her to an icecream parlor and then slowly ask her in a nice way to open up on her past, etc.
Your second problem was the disconnect between you and your ex-boyfriend. Of course, after allowing some time for him to cool off, you can call him or send ihim an email or letter to explain what happened and how much you love him. Thoughts of killing yourself will do nothing for you, because the Universe will bring you right back into the situation until you are capable of handling it.
I am not sure how old you are, but there are many ways to bring out your good features, All of us have good and not-so-perfect features. The problem is that all around us we see the air-brushed, cosmetic loaded faces which will age faster as the chemicals harm them. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural face and people like various shapes and sizes. Even if 10 people think we are not attractive, there will be 100 in the same city who will think you are very beautiful. As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Star, as you grow up, you will realize that what others think about you is not at all important. What you think about yourself is the most important – it is also called Self-esteem.
Brightest Blessings

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