How can I make my young boyfriend return?

Hi there Rose, yes please, I want to ask you a question. I am a married woman of 54 years of age, I do look much younger than my age. Then this young man came into my life for 2months, he is 25 years of age. He sweeped me completely out of my guts, I really fell in love with him and he said to me that he is in love with me to. We have made love a few times. He even said that he loved me more than his child that he’s got with his girlfriend. Then he got another job and left with his girlfriend and child. It is also about 2months now, I never heard of him again. The only thing I really want to do is to get him back here to tell me me he still loves me, then he can go again. Just to get back to him, becaurse of all the heartsore I had I think I want to make him suffer as well.

I can see that you are missing him so very much! It may have felt unreal when a person younger than half your age was interested and in love with you. I can understand when you say that he completely swept you off your feet! I am sure the time that you had with this person was very special. One of the realities of life is that nothing is permanent. What you have to do on this Earth is to enjoy everything as it comes to you. You can ask more more joy from life, but you cannnot take that joy from someone else. Or you will suffer even more that you do now. Just think of the time before this young man came into your life. At that time, did you think you would find such joy and love in your life? I doubt if you could forsee the ecstasy that you both shared. You have to believe that you are on the threshold of another such experience and keep working towards those magickal experiences. If you think negatively and want him to suffer, your joy will be turned back in the Cosmos and will not reach you. Every negative thought takes joy farther and farther away from you! You should look forward into the future while counting your blessings everyday. As soon as you wake up, appreciate the birds chirping, the sun shining, the fresh air coming in as you open the windows and the smell of fresh coffee or breakfast as you get ready for a beautiful day. Instead of thinking of what you DON’T have, always think of what you have (and the memories of what you had ;)) so that you will never feel like you are missing something. One thing we all need to remember is that if life was always happy, would we know what happiness meant? It is only by our sad experiences that we learn to appreciate and look forward to joy more and really know the difference between the two. So meditate on the joy that you received, thank this man for being there with you to share that joy and then let go of him so that he can continue to live his life. And you will go on to more experiences, each teaching you something beautiful that you never knew before. Hope this helps heal your pain. Brightest Blessings!

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  1. Susan says:

    (sorry this is so long, I am desperate for advice)

    My boyfriend and I are very much in love. I am 20 years older than he is but this has never been an issue for us. We are also in a long distance relationship, which we have made work well for us. We are devoted and committed to each other. I am on my second visit to him in Turkey, a much more conservative culture than my own American life. Because of the social customs we cannot sleep together when I am there. A few days ago he came to visit me when his mother was sleeping. She woke up and overheard us, realizing we were together in an inappropriate manner for an unmarried couple. (We did have an online ceremony a couple of years back that to me was a binding hand fasting if not a legal wedding.) He considers me his wife, I consider him my husband. After all of this stress he wants to leave her and come back to the states with me but he can’t get a visa until he completes his military requirement. Anyway, there is a lot of animosity from his mother towards me now. She said she hates the thought of him with me. I need to heal this. I don’t want the karma of destroying the mother/son bond. What can I do. I am falling into a deep depression and I am here for five more weeks. Please help me. Thank you.
    Lost in Love…nowhere to call home…

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