How can I make someone UNLOVE me?

Hi. I was wondering something. I have a man who is too much in love with me. So how do you get him to unlove me. I just do not feel comfortable with that much love. Right now he is in Egypt and I do not know what to do about it. He just loves me to much. I just want him to hate me. Because he is younger than me and well I want him to have children where I can not. I want him to move on to someone younger. I hope I hear from you Diana

Merry Meet Diana,
This is a very different request from what I usually get on this forum. You have mentioned that you are older and you want him to move on to someone younger. I can understand that, of course.
However, it is not a good idea to use witchcraft to control anyone. If you work a spell to coerce him to love you less, you are controlling his destiny. That is certainly not a good idea because you will hear from the Universe sooner or later and it will not be pretty, I assure you. However, you can try to talk to him and find out why he is in love with you so much. Instead of asking him to hate you, you can tell him that you are not ready for this relationship or ask him for a year or more of “vacation” from this predicament. We can certainly hope that he will fall in love with someone else during this time.
When he returns to you after his trip to Egypt, you may also tell him that you are not in love with him (if that is the truth) and that you are looking for something else in a relationship. Whatever you do, please make sure that you are honest with him. Also tell him that you cannot have children at this time.
Make him understand that you appreciate the love that he has offered. However, you are not ready for this relationship at this time. By being truthful, you may later change your mind and still be able to see him if you wish to.
Hope this helps solve your dilemma.
Brightest Blessings Diana.

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