How can I make sure that the man I met online is not a crook?

Hello Rose
Ariadne, my name is Rose as well. I’ve checked out ur website manytimes before, but never tryed the spells, ’cause I’m just a someone who never done magic, kinda coucious but sounds interesting that i might like to try someday. Well I need a possible spell to help with my situation:( I want a love spell ’cause on 8/28, that day while i was checking out this Iranian dating website, which looked at every few times a while for quite a long time. A man named Payman wanted to chat with me, he was intrested in me, and soon after i knew more about
him, i loved his personality, his honesty, humour, his stories, his love for adventure, etc. etc. EVERYTHING! Even though he was 16 years older than me, he was the mature type of man and got attracted to who he was inside, cuz he told me about his family, friends, his pet cockatoo, and things that made him soo attractive to me, even though at first when i saw his pics, i was like “his not my type” but his words where what really ignited my feelings for him. Well i never met him, ’cause i live in san jose, CA and he lives around los angles, CA.

He wanted to send me tickets to see him, he planned to take me places, that never thought someone would want to take me just after a day knowing me alittle, but i felt soo happy, ‘cuase I’ve never been in any relationship before ’cause i just never had found anyone how sparked my interest in him. We talked more, he would tell me all the wonderful plans, places he wants to show me while i’m with him in LA. I felt happy, was in a good mood, etc. ’cause i wanted a man like him, that wants to show me the good life, show me love and affection, end my
boring lonely life. I’m 21 and still never lived my life or anything. Well, those plans that me and Payam had ended in about less than 4 days 9/1 after midnight, ’cause he was telling me that he really wanted an intimate
relationship at first with me and i knew i’m not ready ’cause i’ve never had a boyfriend or anything, told him wanted to wait until i’m married, etc. I feel that my sister cuased it ‘cuase she just keep telling me he’s like those sugar daddies who spoil young women to have sex with them, said i shouldn’t trust him, etc. which i felt wasn’t true ‘cuase he told me about himself, his past relationship, etc. so i knew he’s an honest, generous, loving, etc. type of man that i was excited to meet. After i said that to him on the phone that i don’t want to do intercourse just hugging and kiss, he wanted a intimate relationship, to take his mate traveling, see his family, date for 1 or 2 or 3 years until he decides to marry her. I desagreed, not ready, even though i would love his plans
but wanted intercourse after marriege, etc. Well his phone had ended suddenly, and i wanted to tell him more, thinking about him, how it could’ve been if i was still talking to Payam, etc. But i waited for him, wish he could call me back, but he didn’t so i would send him long text messages of everything, how bad i felt, etc. and my calls get rejected:( I just don’t want believe that i lost Payam:(, I wish he could understand, hope he will call me, hope that i could still meet him, etc. I feel upset, not in a good mood no more, feel upset that i’m still stuck here while i could’ve go and spend time with him for 2 weeks or so, can’t believe that i didn’t still trust him, even though he’s a honest man, i wish he could call me and talk to me agian like before that happened. I hope there could be a simple spell to see if he is my soulmate maybe, don’t want him to not feel upset or angry towards me to give me a second chance, ’cause I never said anything to him that would be bad, cause i feel i have alot to give. If
there is a spell to solve this, I hope that if he could talk to me agian, he will understand my decision to wait until married but still wants to be with me in love:) Thank u for understanding, <3

Merry meet Rose,
You seem to be a smart and innocent girl, Rose. At 21, the world seems full of potential. Even if you are okay that he is 16 years older than you, remember that a marriage is usually successful when the partners have a lot if common. I am sorry to hear that your heart is broken, but after reading your email, I still feel that your sister actually saved you from a lot of grief!

Of course, guys are out there trying to get girls to go to bed with them. The internet is full of such criminals and we have to be very wary for finding our mates online. Of course there are some good sites which are usually expensive to join. However, they may be safer since they do have stringent rules and regualtions and not just anybody can get into it. However, I would suggest that you find company in your neighborhood so that you learn about the way courting and romancing works in real life.

Beware of these unknown marriage dating sites. It is best for someone young like you to go for local parties and meet people in your neighborhood to enjoy some company and have some simple fun. Do not give your information to just anybody who seems to be funny and worldly. These men could be really terrible and many
children have been hurt online. So be very careful and try to find some fun in your neighborhood rather than the big bad world of the Internet where even pathological liars and sexual predators are rampant. If you were my child, I would certainly ask you to not go on the internet to find company.

Rose, you are a wonderful young lady. You will meet a lot of people, you will fall in love, and have a wonderful life.

Brightest Blessings.

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