How can I meet and marry an astronaut?

Hi Rose, I am Deepti Narayan. I am currently doing my M.Sc. in Clinical research. I am somehow attracted NASA astronauts and want to marry one. Will you please me??

Dear Deepti,

Do you actually know any astronauts or is this an attraction to the job and what you imagine an astronaut will be like?

If it is that you are attracted to the idea of an astronaut, then what you need to do is prepare a love spell to tell the universe that you are ready to find your true love. When you prepare your love spell, you can write into it the traits that you would like to see in your future mate.

If, for example, it is the adventurous nature of an astronaut or the commanding presence of a military officer, then you should make that part of your spell. The important thing about casting a love spell is that you should not have a particular person in mind, but should be open to whatever love the Lord and Lady think is appropriate for you.

You should also be sure to specify in your spell that you are looking for a human companion. Sometimes, in her infinite wisdom, and twisted since of humor, the Lady will send us a loving pet or a great friend when we ask for love. Because these kinds of love are just as legitimate as matrimonial love, this is a legitimate answer to your spell, though not the answer you were necessarily looking for.

So, when writing the spell, or choosing one that is appropriate, be sure to be specific about the things you hope to find and make it clear that you are looking for matrimonial love.

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