How can I mend my life?

Hi Rose..My name is Rachel Frances Rosa…I’ve been through alot these past years and here i am today still trying to find birthday is 12-09-1970..i am in a relationship and have 4 children and two grandchildren..i have been to alot of psychics each cost me alot of money and non sense like reading my mind but never no explanation serious i am not a gifted child i know i am hurt by some power and transformed by some source…well my family too..and sometimes after seeing a psychic in the wee hours i get visions of my past..out of work agian cause got drove very sickk and crazy by this female but supposely i only see him..weird…can u please help me tried everything…..

Merry Meet Rachel Rosa,
It is wonderful to hear from you even though you are struggling to make sense of life. It is true that many people who call themselves psychics do not have a clue as to what they are doing in the world. However, there are many people who are truly psychic and do not take advantage of others. So it is in your best interest to find true and trusted psychics or find a way to make yourself and your mind powerful enough to not need others to help you.
That is what Wicca and similar religions are about. In most of these natural religions, no one has the power over us. The Universe is neurtral and will not harm anyone who has done good deeds. We can control the way our life goes by just visualizing the way we need it to go. For example, I read in between the lines that you think you are NOT a gifted child. That is one way in which we can destroy all the joy that is coming our way. Our attitude makes a huge difference in our life.
Regardless of what other people tell you or what experiences you have had in the past, always know that all humans are gifted. Yes, you too.
How we “find” our gift and use it is what we call life. While some of the greedy religions try to make us feel helpless, Wicca and other natural religions always instill in us the entire powers of the Universe itself. There is nothing more important than knowing deep in our spirit that we are powerful.
Brightest Blessings.

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