How can I paralyze one part of a person for some time?

i want to paralysis one part of a person for sometime…..

I am sure that someone hurt you in the past and you are wondering how you can hurt that person back? Well, it is normal to feel angry and want to take revenge on someone. However, let us think of this decision logically. The Universe works according to law of action and reaction. We always hear of how we get back what we give to others. As a Wiccan, I believe that we get back THREE times what we give to others. Now, like everyone else, the thought of revenge does occur to me sometimes. But in life, I have had several occasions when I thought “deja vu”, because I have seen good things happen to me because I forgave someone or decided not to hurt them back when they hurt me. We have all heard about countries and people like Osama Bin Laden who are always trying to hurt others thinking that they are solving a problem. And has their problem being solved by hurting others? No! SO when we think of paralyzing someone, even one part of their body, we have to prepare for our bodies getting paralyzed, not on one part of our body, but no three of our parts. It could be our eyes, out hands or our legs. Ultimately, hurting others hurts ourselves, right? So how can you feel good about whatever happens to you? Begin by understanding that we all came to this Earch to enjoy certain experiences and along with us came a few angels who said that they will help us achieve your goals by assisting us in our life here. Whether its someone you love or someone you hate, understand that they are your friends who are helping you through the experiences that you are going through this life. Believe in this and you will never wish to retaliate because you will KNOW and be AWARE that you will see them again after this life and have to thank them for helping you live out your life the way YOU wanted it! Blessed Be.

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  1. Martita Bottaro says:

    Hello Rose a few years back I do was living with my son and we were going for vacation out of the country every year, then he met this girl what is natural. I do know for a fact that he payed for spells in many occasion
    and I did suspect that I was one of hers destinatary, because in the last trip that we did she pick us and said directly to me no more trips for you since then a
    a serie of missfortunes came to my
    life money and health wise and no more trips
    for my as well as changed and separate my son
    totally from me and now she goes on trips with her what it is natural but my luck
    is black Could you help me?

  2. Cody says:

    you do need to talk to your son, for he would have the most power in his relationship with the other woman. Plus no man should ever love another woman more than his mother, that would be absurd. You have to let him know where you stand, if he does not fit into your shoes then he shall never know. Just always be nice to the girl, so that she will not have anything against you. Be strong and make good choices =)

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