How can I practice magick?

Hey Rose, I was born nd raised in country where no one belive in MAGICK and where there are no stores that sells the equipment of magick. So i can’t do all the rituals can ya help me????? And another Q: is there any spell to make a girl forget her boyfriend??? and another to make a guy think crazly about a girl. And thank you Perla or my witch name: AQUA

Merry Meet Aqua,
It is good to hear from you, Aqua. I am happy to hear that inspite of your difficulties getting magickal supplies, you are still interested in witchcraft. It was in the country that magick was born. It was a sad day indeed when magick was replaced by corporate religions.
However, magick does not need any equipment to work. Magick runs on the strength of our spirit alone. All accompaniments such as the tools, incense, candles, statues, pictures, photos, jewelry etc are there as supports but the main power is from the individual alone. That is why people can easily just think of something and make it happen without the use of any props.
Since you are able to reach the internet, you may be able to find many good spells that you can work on. Chanting spells the the most ancient of spells and they need nothing but your voice. Actually, chanting may be done even in silence. Like meditation, when the mind is not working, the spirit takes over. And that is what we need to create Magick.
So do not worry about the props and other items. They may enhance a spell or improve our concentration but the spell can be done without all the trimmings. So remember that you can work on spells anywhere, whether you are on moving train or a flying plane or sitting on the floor of your kitchen. What is required is your complete concentration and belief.
Brightest Blessings

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