How can I practice the Craft if I only have a little bit of money?

Rose, I need to know what i need to begin spellcasting. Ive heard about altars, and casting circles, things to do with the full moon, hours of the day/night, oils, incense, herbs, stones, days of the week and a bunch more things. I need to know if I need to have all those type of things to make a spell work. Most important I need to know if I need an altar and if I do need one how do I make one? What do I use? What do I need? I have very little money so I cant afford to buy any type of tables or altars. To top it off I need to do my spellcasting in secret, mostly during the day. Please help me out. Peace. Anna

Merry Meet Anna,

Looking at spell casting from that perspective does make it sound like a bit of a daunting practice, now doesn’t it? J

I am going to try and simplify matters for you. Before I do, let us first clear up the whole thing around the cost of practicing the Craft. Being a witch does not mean having to rush to the occult store to buy the fanciest altars, athames, wands and supplies … and then end up stressing about finances! That is not what the Lady and Lord require in the very least. Witchcraft is a natural earth religion. This means that we need no more than that which nature supplies us with J.

The bottom line is that you do not need money to practice the Craft and by association to cast a spell.

Casting Circles, Moon Phases, Hours, Days of the Week: It looks to me as though you have access to the internet. That is how you contacted me. Now, go and learn from there how to cast a circle, what the moon phases signify and which hours are best for what. Write everything down. You now have all you will need to proceed.

Oils, Incense, Herbs, Stones: Keep you eyes open for pretty stones lying around in the park, in your garden or anywhere else in nature. When you find a nice looking one, pick it up and thank the Lady for the gift. Herbs: Grow a lavender bush in your garden or balcony. It is one of the best all-purpose herbs EVER. It cleanses, it protects, it smells great and importantly, it grows very easily in a sunny spot. If you place a couple of lavender leaves in a fireproof container and boil the leaves, it will emit exactly the same fragrance as incense. The left over water can double up as oil. You can also dry the flowers and leaves, if you like. It is great for smudging. You can also put a bloom on your altar.

Altar: No need for anything except a piece of cloth on the floor. If you are at liberty to practice outside, a tree trunk or a biggish rock will do perfectly.

You see, Anna. The Lady and the Lord will appreciate your worship of Them in this way as much as the worship they receive from a super rich person who can afford the finest of ritual trappings. The only things that count when all is said and done are sincerity, love, belief and commitment.

Brightest Blessings!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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