How can I practice Wicca without any herbs, candles or books?

Basic spells? Im an 11 year old girl, who can’t get ahold of any spell books, and I would like some easy spells that I can use daily, so I can increase my magical ability, but not require herbs, candles and such because my parents don’t agree in wicca, so I can’t ask them for stuff, I know you recommend to tell them, but I can’t. So could you list some basic spells that I can use I have some materials, I heard you can get a wand from a tree branch, I have one, then I have a few crystals too, I just want to do spells, and prove to myself that I am a witch, instead of wait until im 18 and buy the books myself… any help?

Merry meet Seeker,
As an eleven year old, you seem to be very intelligent and well-read. I guess you already know that Wicca does not need any tools or books since its basis is all in the power of our mind.

Early settlers in the world did not have to buy any items either to practice old pagan customs. The planet Earth provided plenty of materials such as wood, leaves, flowers, water, etc, that represented the power of the Elements which enable us to succeed in Witchcraft. The best tool you have in your path to become a witch is your own mind. As we are blessed with amazing powers of imagination, you can “fly” to any place you wish to be – a mountain, by the beach, on a hot air balloon, in a yacht by the Ocean, etc.

Our mind can take us to a hundred places in a matter or minutes. There is nothing more powerful when the spirit, mind and body combines to form a human being. Of course, animals, birds and other living things are equally powerful and magical as we are. Unfortunately, most people think that only humans are capable of magical work.
What you can do is you make up your own rituals. You may sit in your room or find a nice, safe but quiet place outside where you can just close your eyes and feel the breeze, play with the butterflies, talk to the birds and get close to dragon flies while talking to them. You can also listen to the wind and find a gurgling brook and try to decipher its message to you.

Nature will give us all we need. There is nothing else in the world that will satisfy our yearnings like nature and the outdoors. No computer, video game or movie will enable us to feel joyful and powerful similar to the high we feel when we are part of nature. If , however, you cannot get out of the house alone and find a safe place, try to find a room that is quiet and safe where you can create your own versions of spells.

One of the advantages of Wicca is that we don’t really need any “thing” for our spells. You can get whatever you need by using your mind in different ways. An example is to find a bunch of stones from the yard and clean them and take them inside. You can label them with whatever you choose them to be. One can be a candle, the other can represent herbs, etc. If you place labels on them with the names, they become those items energy-wise.
The Universe is so powerful and intelligent that there is nothing really stopping you from learning and practicing Wicca. However, I would caution you to be extremely careful and not go to any dangerous places so that you can be alone. Stay safe always

Brightest Blessings

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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