How can I practice witchcraft in Islamic UAE?

Hi Rose, I live and work in the UAE for last 9 years,I have always bein intrested in witchcraft,but here the books are non exsistent but now I have discovered I can do it through the internet.One problem I can’t order you books and DVD as they would be confiscated when they arrive here,is there any otherway I can join? Thank you Margaret.

Merry Meet Margaret,
Yes, those gulf countries are known for their religions intolerance. People can become unfriendly and ingnorant when religion takes over their life. It is sad when a human being hurts another because of a religious causes. They don’t realize that it is the same divinity that runs through all of us.
As for you, Margaret, I have to admit that Wicca and other religions are not just allowed there, you can easily get hurt if you try to practice any religion other than Islam. In fact, they seem to have a tendency to kill women (especially) as we are Nature loving, peaceful, spiritual people.
Do not order any books or DVDs or you will certainly not be able to receive any of them. There is no reason for the authorities to change their narrow minded attitudes. It may be okay to practice in your mind and visualize it all happening. No one can control our mind. So use the power of your mind and spirit to enjoy the peaceful and wonderful world of Wicca.
You may go to safe websites and find wonderful spells, but you have to be very very careful that the authorities in UAE do not find out that you are working on witchcraft. As witchcraft is a mental and spiritual path, it is easy to sit down, meditate and visualize all you want without the authorities knowing about it. Do not get items that are typical of witchcraft such as a cauldron, wand, etc.
There was a reason why the Book of Shadows used to be written in code. There are ignorant people everywhere. Unfortunately, they are the ones who are evil enough to take the power away from simple and genuine practitioners. So be very careful and do not use any items that are typical of Wicca. Use the power of your mind to take you to that wonderful realm where only good, rational people exist.
Brightest Blessings

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