How can I protect my brother?

Hi Rose Greetings I am Rebecca and i want to protect my brother from his girlfriend who has done something evil like possessed his mind so that he can only think about her and her mother all the time and forget his family and friends.and as a result he have become very restless,confused, angry and cannot concentrate on his work at all. I know my brother he is not like this at all. How do i put him back to his real,free mind self.Is it necessary that he should be familiare when i am helping him.i dont want him to loose his girlfriend but to free him from possesed thing so that he can be his real self and with free will and none of these evil and negative energies do no harm to him in future. Because i understand that if there is true love there is no fear. It would be really great if you can come up with a solution. Thanks Regards Rebecca.

Merry Meet Rebecca,
You seem to be a very loving person who is attached to her brother and is worried about him. You see, Rebecca, we are all individuals who came to this planet to go through certain experiences. Your brother is going through one of the experiences that he had ASKED FOR before he came to this life on Earth.
We may not understand why he has to go through this or why your brother is “taken away” from your family. Other than asking him about this, there is nothing much you or your family can do. I am sure you are very attached to him and miss him a lot. However, he is an adult and can take care of himself. Really.
The best thing you can do for him is to ask him if everything is okay or if he needs any help. If he says Yes, then you help him. If he says NO, then you have to allow him to live his life without interfering in it.
One thing you can do is work on a spell for his protection. Ask him first. You have to get his permission or the spell may work against you. When you get his permission, do this spell:
Get a red or white candle. Carve your brother’s name on the candle along with words such as “protect” “safe” “love” “brother” etc. Dress is with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil” while visualizing a cocoon in which your brother will always be protected. Consecrate the candle to Archangel Michael and request him to guide your brother always. Repeat when you are worried about your brother.
Brightest Blessings to you, Rebecca.

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