How can I protect my grandchild from my son and his wife?

i’m thinking of a break up spell for my son and his wife. that sounds evil but i have their son due to their deprivation. i’ve had him for 3 years his entire life. they are trying to get him back. but they havent changed. what they will do to this child is mind blowing. i dont want any evil back on me it’s for the baby’s protection only.

Merry Meet, dear Lady!

There is absolutely nothing evil about wanting to protect a little child. Breaking up a marriage – for any reason whatsoever – is likely to backfire. I certainly do not want anything untoward to happen to you, so I am going to offer you a spell to stop your son and daughter-in-law from causing mischief and from taking your grandchild away from you.

Spell to Stop Bad Deeds and Actions (Adapted from a spell published by

Do this spell on a Saturday ruled by Saturn and good for Justice Spells

You will need:

A black candle


Olive oil

Sea salt

Candle holder

Carve the names of your son and his wife on the candle using the pin.

Mix a good handful of salt with a cup of olive oil and allow the candle to soak in it for three hours.

Take the candle, wipe it down and carve out the bottom so the wick is exposed.

Stand the candle on its head and light the bottom wick – gaze at the flame, concentrate and say:

“Child-thieves your deeds are no longer tolerated

It’s time for you to stop this behavior.

By my will you shall cease

And restore in me a sense of peace.

Leave this child be at my side

As I will, so you’ll abide”

Let the candle burn out – as it burns, visualize their efforts disappearing. If you can, bury the stub near where your son and his wife live or otherwise bury the stub under a tree.

I wish you strength and success in trying to protect your grandchild from possible suffering, abuse and deprivation.

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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