How can I protect myself from evil energies?

How do I know if I am cursed/hexed? In 2002 my ex-boyfriend called and told me to look in the paper for an ad about me. It stated I was cursed/hex (a lock of my hair was used for it) and that if I tried to break it the curse/hex would get worse. At the time I didn’t think much about it because I am a good person and the universe would not curse a person unfairly. What I have been through in the past six and half years: Loss of friends – they just quit calling or returning calls Loss of health – Frequent illnesses of myself and husband(married in 2004). I lost the ability to have children (and I have never had any). My husband had to have emergency surgery – he was told that only about one in million people have the kind of problem he had. My four year old dog died of cancer. My cat now has severe allergies – one specialist said it was the worse case he had ever seen. Loss of finances – this is common now a days, but I used to always be financially secure before. I had to quit jobs due to illness/physical problems, my husband lost his high paying job. We have so much debt that we can barely pay the minimum balance on our credit cards. We have let my condo go into foreclosure because of job loss and we found out in December of 2008 that we had a mold problem caused by a neighbor(who would buy a mold infested condo). I am sure the mold problem caused many of our health problems – but we could not afford to hire a lawyer. I seem to have brain fog almost all the time(very frustrating for me since I used to have an almost photogenic memory). I forget things almost immediately on my worst days – you can imagine how this can cause fights between me and my husband because I keep asking him the same thing over and over. I have been told before that many people are jealous of me(I do not understand why) and send negative energy my way. That I am not cursed, but susceptible to the negative energy sent my way. I know things could always be worse. My Questions: How long does a curse last? If I am cursed what should I do? How do I get rid of a curse that seems to have gained momentum? If karma does exist will the person/people who’s curse/hex/negativity have possibly harmed me and my family have it come back on them. If a curse was performed by a third party will karma come back on the performer and/or the person who asked for the curse. If a person was cursed/hexed unjustly will the Universe put right what was wronged? How do I block negative energy that is directed at me from harming my plants, family or pets. My suspicion is that my pets had absorbed much of the negative energy that was directed at me. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

Merry Meet. I cannot imagine how frightful it is to live in fear. It is natural to have several ups and downs in life, but living in fear because someone directed evil energies in your direction is a terrible way to spend our life. So it is time you did something about it. I will give you a spell to remove any hexes from your life and also another one to keep yourself and your home protected from all evil. Remember, your thoughts do add to the situation. Keep yourself healthy by eating right and taking vitamins daily. In addition, keep your mind strong by meditating daily. Yoga also helps to keep our mind and emotions in balance. Here is a spell to get rid of any hexes you may have in your life: Lamella Spell Amulets called lamellas were used to remove hexes in ancient times. For this spell, you need to cut out a small piece of metal from a bottle lid or use a metal lid used in canning. Use a pin or needle to write the following on it: Drive away the curse from “your name”. If anyone harms in the future, Throw that curse back where it comes from! Carry it around with you everywhere you go, keep the lamella in a safe place or throw it down a deep well. This should keep you safe from any evil energies that may be directed at you. Here is another spell to keep you protected: Add a moonstone, a clear quartz crystal and a smoky quartz to a mojo bag (any cloth bag will do). Add a piece of moonwort along with one silver bead. Anoint the items with one drop of essential oil of white camphor and wear or carry the bag with you. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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